We conduct regular webinars on a variety of topics within the business travel domain. Check out the schedule of upcoming webinars to find the one that interests you. All webinars are free to attend.

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Workshops and Industry Events

See below a list of workshops/industry events where we are represented.

ITM Workshop on Airline Programme Management– Sep 2014

A full-day Airline Programme Management workshop geared towards corporate travel managers and procurement teams. Co-conducted two sessions: The Airline RFP Process; and How to Evaluate Proposals.

Business Travel IQ Webinar on TMC Fees – Oct 2015

Research data driven insights into TMC pricing and value

Business Travel Show Masterclass on Matching Global Airline Deals with Regional and Local Needs – Feb 2016

Led a session on ‘How to balance global supplier commitments with delivering credible flight options to travelers in every market’

ITM Summit – March 2016

Led sessions on future of open bookings and evolving role of mobile in corporate travel

Training Programmes

For travel and non-travel professionals alike we can run educational workshops and training programmes aimed at creating awareness and improving buying behaviors and policy compliance.