New York City is home to some of the most exciting startups and businesses in the world, as well as being its financial capital. This means that for business travellers, destinations just don’t come much more exciting, and this chaotic, noisy, expensive, but utterly vibrant and thrilling “city that never sleeps” is definitely the place to be. There are a number of things business travellers can do to plan ahead and ensure their trip will be a huge success.


How to get there

If you are flying to New York City from the west coast of the US or from another country, then it is advisable to fly Business Class to ensure you’ll be able to have a decent rest before your arrival. Frequent business flyers may already have plenty of air miles racked up, but discounted New York business class flights are also available from companies such as the likes of SkyClub, which offers private quotes that are often less expensive than those that can be found online.


How to get around

Finding somewhere to stay in New York City can be a costly endeavour. Good hotels are infamously expensive, often with extra nightly fees on top of everything else. However, you need to be careful when booking seemingly cheap rooms online, as they may not include fees and taxes – you could end up with a nasty surprise when you get there. Hotel rooms in New York City are also notoriously small in comparison to many other major cities.


Things to do

If you are able to complete your business with time to spare, you may wish to explore the attractions that New York City has to offer, and there are many. Must-see attractions in the city include Central Park, Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building, Times Square and Top of the Rock – as well as some of the world’s best art galleries, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art.